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A few years ago, I heard a very special song called "Sparrow", which completely stole my heart and touched me in a way that few songs do. Imagine my surprise when I realized that my current production team, The Cassette Company, included the very talented guitarist Justin Eisenbraun of Scattered Trees; the same band that brought us "Sparrow". Their new album, Sympathy, is hot off the press and available for free download

Taken from Scattered Trees Website:

"I don't know if many of you were aware that Scattered Trees was recording another release. Well, it's finished. 

I want to let you in on some of what the album means to me. Before I do, I have to say that I think music is in one of it's most powerful forms when it starts belonging to the listener. When it's just you, the music, and what it means to you. Somewhere it becomes yours. Sometimes we share with others what a song means to us, other times it's just too deep. This is what the record is to me. If these songs find a place in what's going on in your life please let them become your own.

For the most part these songs are about my Father who passed away last August. The album is full of conversations I had, or wish I had, with him. Some of the songs deal with the inevitable emotional shit holes we climb out of when we go through something as final as the death of someone we love. This record is full of the heaviness of honesty in times like these. It is a look into my grieving process.

We are going to try something risky. We are going to give the record away for a month. We want to ask you to please spread this record around as much as you can. Go ahead and give it away. Right now Scattered Trees needs you to help us make as many new fans as possible. We need new people at our shows more than we need the money in your itunes account. I hope you enjoy the record. It's called Sympathy.

See you at the shows,

1. Bury The Floors 2. A Conversation 3. I'm in a Panic 4. Love and Leave 5. Four Days Straight 6. Sympathy 7. Five Minutes 8. Where You Came From 9. I Swear to God 10. On Your Side Released 01 May 2010.

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